9:20 PM - 10:00 aM

Training Your Most Powerful “Muscle” - Your Brain

Your body can achieve what your brain can conceive. But first, you must learn how to train it.

Session Description:

Robert Washington has fought for his life on more than one occasion. While his body was in near-perfect condition, it was the state of his mind that determined who won or lost these battles.

Washington discusses how his brain learned to accept new possibilities, even under dire circumstances, and why so many of us feel defeated before our fight even begins. He explains how the brain pushes back against challenges, and how to train our brains to create a new version of ourselves.


Robert Washington

Ex-MMA Fighter, Navy Veteran, Author of “No one owes you a F*cking thing: It's your responsibility to fight for the life you want”

A native of East St Louis, Illinois, Washington was raised in a life of poverty. His stepfather was a drug dealer and he was raised mostly in a single mother household. Washington entered the United States Navy days after the Twin Towers fell in September 2011. His career in the Navy spanned over 10 years, many of which were in the support of the Global War on Terrorism.

As a retired professional mixed martial artist, Washington has overcome many adversities and obstacles in life and in sports. He has experienced, first-hand, life’s hard blows and how the real battle takes place in one’s mind. His willingness to fight and never give up on his hopes, dreams, and aspirations paid off in the end. Hence, his resolve to see others succeed irrespective of their challenges.

Roberts accomplishments include:

  • 9/11 veteran and Service Medal recipient from the US Navy

  • MBA and MSA Graduate (Lindenwood University)

  • 2018 Semi-finalist World Championship of Public Speaking

  • Award Winning Toastmaster Speaker

  • International Recognized Speaker

  • Business Owner {bookmevacations)

  • Inventor/Innovator

  • Published Author

  • Mixed Martial Arts Coach

  • Community Leader and Mentor