4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

The Art of Being: Leveraging Every Moment

Stop the mental juggling and unleash your brain’s full potential.

Session Description:

Staying in the present moment in a fast paced and constantly changing world seems unreasonable, yet the highest performers are those who slow down. Dr. Brazier will take you on a journey of understanding how to optimize your brain’s capabilities by being fully present one task at a time. When you learn the craft of being in each moment you will become more productive, connected, and calm.


Dr. Drew Brazier

Performance and Leadership Consultant

Dr Drew Brazier teaches leaders around the world that limitations are nothing more than mindset, and that when one, feels empowered, they have the ability to meet and exceed their own expectations personally and professionally. He is also an Executive Producer for MIND Conferences. Dr. Brazier has hosted a #1 ranked podcast and guided thousands through life transformation. While he is always seeking the most advanced knowledge about human performance, he believes in pushing through his own limitations- Brazier has completed over 30 mountain ultramarathons, 12 of which were over 100 miles long. Underlying all the messages he teaches, the common theme is that we are at our best when we fully engage with the present moment while actively pursuing all forms of feedback.