This Event Will Change Your Mind. Literally.


Through my consultation work for PCMA, I’ve explained to thousands of event managers, conference organizers, and executives at major brands that people come to their events for one reason. To make a decision. They already have all the information they need, and they have more than enough contacts. They’re coming to your event to decide if they should move ahead with an idea or a plan they already have, or if there’s something new they haven’t considered that your event may uncover for them.

Thus, people go to events to make up their minds. Or change their minds, as the case may be. But how many events can actually change your mind? I mean literally. Change the way you think about something. Your perspective, your self-image, your daily habits. How many events create new neural pathways inside your brain that allow you to learn a new skill or think differently?

A Mind-Altering Experience

That’s why the MIND Conferences were created. In major cities across the US, behavioral experts - renowned psychologists, best-selling authors, behavioral therapists, scientists - are presenting science through TED-like stories to help wake your cerebrum and decontaminate your mind.

Each expert has ample time after their session to answer questions from onsite and online attendees. This allows each audience member to ask specific questions (which aren’t recorded) about how they can use this knowledge to change their life. Because you have to start with small behavioral changes you can practice each day, or nothing will ever get better. You’ll never really feel better.

Every MIND Conferences event is on a Saturday, and every event is hosted by an openly gay, lesbian, or transgender MC to set the tone right from the first minute that everyone will be heard, everyone will be seen. As they are. As they wish to be.

Men are a minority on MIND Conferences agendas, and a diverse set of experts are found  in each city. Because if you can’t see yourself represented on-stage, how are you supposed to make these changes in your life?

Why Now?

With social media being the primary source of content for most Americans, many of us are starting to believe what we see on Facebook or LinkedIn to be true. We’re judging ourselves against people celebrated and profiled on social platforms. So when our lives don’t look like what we see in our endless scrolling feeds, we somehow feel like we’re living a lesser life.

This is completely distorted. Because none of it’s real. None of it reflects back who you really are. Yet these feelings of disappointment, of being overwhelmed, of never knowing which way to go, they feel real. And that’s really unhealthy.

Most people don’t realize how much pressure they’re putting on themselves, and on their kids, just because they’re trying to be something more or someone else. Because they’re so busy doing, just doing everything. This event is designed to help people get back to being. To being yourself. Again.

Don’t miss your chance to relieve the constant pressure you’re feeling on your brain. Join a MIND Conferences event online or in your city. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, use the discount code “SoCal” to get $30 off registration before this event sells out completely.

Use this event, and the experts available to you, to evaluate what’s weighing you down. What’s keeping you from expanding your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Wake up your mind. Set yourself free. Because no one will do it for you.

Written for MIND Conferences by our Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Sourabh Kothari.
Photo by
Luke Leung.



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